The Human's Six Internal Enemies

A vast majority of the human race blames their unhappiness and failures on others around them. While this passing of responsibility onto others is an easy approach to take - it is wrong to blame others for such events. The Sanatana Dharma believes that our problems and faults are our own. Dharma believes that we blame others because we have not fought the true battle of our inner enemies. The Dharma scripture states that we have six inner enemies and only God, Bhagavan, himself is perfect and free within. The six internal enemies are Kama, Matsarya, Lobha, Krodha, Mada, and Moha.
Kama stands for lust and desire. Matsarya stands for competition and jealousy. Lobha represents greed. Krohda represents anger. Mada depicts pride and ego, while Moha depicts delusion.
JainStudy Sanatana Dharma If the six internal demons fail to be conquered than one can never mature. It matters not how successful, rich, happy or powerful we are. Dharma States that one can never be honestly happy or have peace within unless they have eliminated the Shadripus (six enemies). Practicing good behavior is all for not, if the Shadripus lives within. For example, if one speaks a truth that is driven by anger, it is inferior to one who speaks a truth driven by the goodness of their heart. The idea behind Shadripus within the Sanatana Dharma is that we are responsible for our own actions - whether they are successes or failures.
Your own mind is your greatest enemy. To protect yourself against your own harmful and negative thoughts, feelings, and attitudes is a difficult task. The Sanatana Dharma explains that their is no greater kindness to oneself than being committed to personal growth and maturity. Once a human's internal enemies have been conquered they can truly become their highest self.
The Sanatana Dharma explains that behavior, situations, and certain events all have the ability to manifest these six internal enemies. It is possible to only manifest one internal enemy while the other enemies stay in the unconscious realm. These internal enemies invoke discomfort, weakness and sorrow in one being which can be projected upon others. These emotions stunt an individuals spiritual growth. The first step in over coming these internal enemies is to acknowledge their existence in one's mind. The second step is to discover what causes these feeling to rise within and if they are valid. Once one truly understands the illegitimacy of the six internal enemies may they be free from them.
It is important to understand that the six internal enemies are related to one another in an attempt to unite and destroy us. For example, one can not be jealous without anger. It is inevitable that jealousy gives rise to anger towards the outer enemy. Additionally, it is impossible to display the feelings of greed without the feelings of desire. Greed is caused by desire and once rich one can display a large ego or be prideful. So, together greed, desire, and pride internal enemies can work as a team to destroy you from the inside out.
The Shadripus ultimately over powers ones ability to think critically and use intellect to discriminate through situations. This can lead to the ultimate despair of one forgetting their purpose in life. Once this occurs, you have been completely destroyed internally. Each and every object/situation a human experiences has the ability to leave an impression in their mind, whether they are aware of it or not. If the human experiences a second thought about said object/situation then it has become an impression. Once a human begins to dwell upon this object/situation that is when desire is born, thus beginning to give life to the six internal enemies. Do not forget the six work together and feed off of one another.
The six internal enemies can first live in our mind, then move to our speech, and lastly show through our actions. It is best to restrict these enemies once they enter our mind and never let them move into the realms of speech or action. To overcome the six internal enemies it is key to free the body, speech, and mind completely of their power, and defeat these six internal enemies.