Answers to Morally Challenging Questions

- Should your religious morals be projected onto everyone?
When you think about it all religions preach about the same moral code. They may word it differently and vary the terminology but the root of the matter is always identical. The ultimate goal is to have a peaceful world that lives in truth. There is not one religion that promotes anger, stealing or greed. Therefore it is needless for one religion to project its morals onto another religion. They all have the same common goal. Religions of The World A common confusion is that candles, incense, and kneeling five times a day as religion. The morals are the true emphasis of importance. Your God wants you to follow his or her spirit and embody the teachings. A believer should not try to project his or her beliefs onto any others. A common respect should be shared throughout all religions.
- Should religion play a role in society?
Religion is designed to improve the quality of your life and protect you with in society. Religion is used to come out of grief and become blissful. If everyone is practicing his or her own religion then a peaceful world can result from the contentment. This way no mind should be dwelling on violence. The earth would be again, a more peaceful place. In short, good practicing of religion should play a very important role within our society.
- Can killing be justifiable?
Violence is frowned upon in every religion. Although as we all know it is quite impossible live in a violence free world. So we are all taught to practice avoiding intentional acts of violence. This includes killing other human beings, unnecessarily killing animals etc. When we self hate this is also an act of violence against your mental well being. It is best to keep a stable mind.
Jainism believes that killing is never justifiable. You should not harm animals even for food. One should not cause violence at work by cheating or stealing. One should also not cause violence in the home. Violence is not accepted as it brings down your human spirit.