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Quotations from scriptures:

Selections from TATTVAARTH SUTRA

Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA is a systematic and comprehensive presentation of the principles of Jainism. The first chapter of TATTVAARTH SUTRA deals with rational perception and knowledge. It is expected that the readers will enjoy the presentation of sensory cognition and literal knowledge.

Quotations From Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA

The four steps of sensory cognition are:
apprehension (AVAGRAH, impression),
analysis (EIHA, scrutiny),
inference (AVAAYA, perceptual judgment) and
retention (DHAARANA).

Aphorism (SUTRA) 1-15

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From Religious Books:

Although the concept of reality is different in different religions, the code of ethics prescribed by all religions is essentially similar.

Ethics In Religions

Thus essentially, the God worshipped by the Hindus implies, "Come to me as a Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Moslem. I shall make you a better Hindu, Christian, Sikh and Moslem."

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From Religious Books:

According to Jainism, rational perception and knowledge of reality must precede ethical conduct.

Rationalism: An Important Feature of Jainism

Rational conduct in the light of rational perception and knowledge is a necessary condition for spiritual development. The Jain religion teaches that all these three aspects are essential in a person if he is to reach his spiritual goal.

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Jainism affirms that the study of scriptures is an essential internal penance.

Study Of Scriptures (SWAADHYAAYA)

Acharya Umaswati says: One should make a continuous and enthusiastic effort with mind, body and speech to study the scriptures, ponder over them, discuss and teach others, and contemplate on the attributes of a pure soul.

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Religion & Society:

Inspired by the love of their country or religion, most people, fail to envision the horrors of war.

Experiencing Violence Of War: A Rational, Informed And Realistic View

When the language of reporting propagates the myth of war, Hedges warns, the result is justification of "what is often nothing more than gross human cruelty and stupidity."

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Religion & Society:

Should Jainism be a tile in the mosaic of various cultures or should we lose ourselves in a melting pot of cultures

Maintaining and Representing Our Religious and Cultural Identity

Jainism does not entail blind adherence to customs and traditions. It provides timely practical solutions appropriate to our circumstances.

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In ancient times, there were no international laws and no Geneva Convention. Still individuals followed humane practices such as fighting their equals only.

Nonviolence And Martyrdom - A Story From Bhagwati Sutra

In those days, the fights took place between equals only. For example, a charioteer would fight only a charioteer, and an infantryman would fight an infantryman. Varun replied that he had taken the vow of not attacking his opponent until he was attacked.

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Rampant pursuit of materialism or prudent use of science and technology?

Materialism Or Aparigrah: Choose Yourself

The revolution of freedom of which I spoke at the United Nations in 1995 must now be completed by a revolution of opportunity, in which all the world's peoples actively contribute to economic prosperity and share in its fruits. -

-Pope John Paul II

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Can you believe that in ancient India, an emperor took a vow of not going to war. Consequently, peace and harmony reigned in his empire?

Ashoka - Emperor Or Monk

He (Emperor Ashoka) employed the principles of ethics as a monumental and effective weapon. He practiced the virtues of nonviolence and compassion in ruling his empire. He earned more power and respect in his own state as well as in the neighboring states.

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Please enjoy

Jainism: A Way Of Life To Me
by Sonam Shah

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