Glimpses of the April-June 2010 Issue

Quotations from scriptures:

Selections from TATTVAARTH SUTRA

Acharya Umasvati, in the ninth chapter of TATTVAARTH SUTRA, discusses the stoppage of influx (SAMVAR) and shedding (NIRJARA) of karmas.  These aspects too involve mutual interactions between soul and matter. There is one more important aspect of these interactions.  Although the animate as well as inanimate environment influence the events in the life of a worldly being a certain extent, the stoppage of influx and shedding of karma occur due to the self-endeavor of the worldly being.


Quotations From Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA

Self-control entails sensible regulation.  It should be emphasized that there is a fine line that separates self-control from mental violence of self.  If one does not have equanimity and one’s mind is not at peace, then control of activities amounts to self-directed violence.

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From Religious Books:

An interesting article by an eminent scholar of philosophy and religion, presenting Jainism in the background of larger Indian religion and culture.


Religion, Philosophy And Bhagvan Mahaveer

By Dr. A. N. Upadhye

Man is his own master; his thoughts, words and acts have made him, and continue to make him, what he is; it is in his hands to make or mar his present or future; the great teachers of the past are his ideals to inspire him along the path of religion; and he has to struggle, with hope, on the well-trodden path of spiritual progress, following a code of moral and ascetic discipline, till he reaches the goal of spiritual emancipation or perfection.

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A comparison between Jainism and modern science.


Some Unique Features Of Jainism

Grandma: Science believes that matter and energy cannot be destroyed.  This means that matter and energy have always been in the universe.  In many events, some matter is converted into energy.  In others, some energy is converted into matter.  Thus the question of creation of the universe does not arise.

Brittany: Grandma, what does Jainism say about these things?

Grandma: Jainism says that the universe has always been there.  All things in the universe change in form but not in substance.  The universe has no beginning and no end.

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An interesting article on various aspects of vegetarianism:


Vegetarianism: An Ethical Diet for Peace and Plenty

By Shri R. P. Jain

Vegetarianism supports mental and physical health as well as spiritual cultivation.  Fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts and milk products provide a balanced diet, which does not make our system toxic.  This is primarily because when an animal is killed, it becomes dead matter.

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Glimpses of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy:


Mahatma Gandhi: Some Quotations

Gandhi contended that the earth has enough resources to provide for human need, but not human greed.  He held, therefore, that every man, woman and child would eat adequately, clothe and shelter themselves comfortable, if there were a greater sharing of wealth in all parts of the world.

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Observations & Views:

Our readers are expected to enjoy the thought-provoking concepts presented in the following items:


Spirit Of Religion

According to Jainism, in addition to human and subhuman beings, there are one-sensed living beings that include trees and plants.  All living beings and all objects in nature have their role in the scheme of things. Jainism teaches us to live in harmony with nature.

Alien Influence On Indian Mindset

The inrush of a totally different civilization put an end to all creative work for a time and an uncritical admiration for all things Western took possession of the mind of the educated class.

Pseudo-karmas And Genetics

Biologists studied the children and grandchildren of people who had experienced these periods of famine and abundance, and found that kids and grandkids of people who went from normal eating to overeating in a single season lived shorter lives.

Some Facts About Meat

If the U.S. land now used to grow livestock feed were converted to grow grain for human consumption, we could feed an additional 400 million people.

  Futility Of War

Only through a truly ethical civilization can life take on meaning.  Only through it can mankind be saved from destruction, from its senseless and cruel wars.  It alone can bring about peace in the world.

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From the Jain Study Circle:


Readers Comments

Monik Mehta:

My name is Monik Mehta.  By birth I am a Jain and I live in Mumbai, India. Currently I am doing my MBA from UK.  I read one of your articles by Priyanka Doshi about JAINISM- IN THE EYES OF A PRUDENT YOUNGSTER.

I really appreciate the work done and also admire it.  I wish to read more such articles which are useful to youngsters and applicable in the modern world in our day to day activities for a beautiful and a better way of life. Kindly help me with the needful that is more such articles so that I can enrich my knowledge.  Thank You. 

Pinki Chaudhary:

I am a student of M.E. (Software Engineering) at Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Thapar University Patiala, Punjab, India doing my thesis work on Cultural Computing.  

Computer technology has been proved as a boon and as it has become a part of our lives.  At the same time, it is affecting so many other spheres unconsciously. As the research has also shown that excessive use of computing technology is affecting from micro level (individual) to macro level (Society and Culture). My research is an endeavor to understand human computer interaction and its impact on human behavior and thus Culture.  My thesis focuses on the use of Computing Technology and its impact on culture with special focus on Indian culture. In this work a conscious effort is being made to promote the strengths of Indian culture through computing.  …

While working on my research, I came across your site, which contains some information on Indian culture and I was highly fascinated by the kind of information your site provides to the users. I therefore request you to please facilitate in making my research wider in context and objective in scope. I would be highly obliged if you please provide me some information …

Thank you.