Glimpses of the April 2008 Issue

Quotations from scriptures:

Selections from TATTVAARTH SUTRA

Enjoy the logical and systematic presentation of the sophisticated features of the Jain concept of reality presented by Acharya Umasvati in TATTVAARTH SUTRA.

Quotations From Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA

Jain scriptures state: BHED entails breakup of aggregates on account of intrinsic or extrinsic causes. This fact can be compared to the phenomenon of radioactivity, which is related to the internal structure of atom and thus is intrinsic. The emission of alpha particles from a nucleus of uranium and other elements is an appropriate illustration of BHED.

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From Religious Books:

This article by Shri Dulichand Jain brings out that we can achieve happiness and peace of mind in all kinds of circumstances by following the Jain scriptural teachings.

Relevance Of Bhagwaan Mahaveer's Teachings
In These Turbulent Times

by Shri Dulichand Jain, Chennai, India

UTTARAADHYAYAN Sutra states that victory over self is most significant, though extremely difficult:

Victory over thousands of external enemies
in the battlefield is insignificant, (it is of no avail)
compared to the victory over one's inner enemies;
vanquishing one's passions is an unparalleled conquest.

Victory over self is superior to the victory over thousands of other enemies. The real winner is one who conquers the self. Such a victory can be achieved through suppressing the four passions of anger, pride, intrigue and greed.

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Religion & Society:

The following poem depicts the undesirable character of religion based on adherence to blind faith and archaic beliefs.

The Business Of Religion
(A Reflection On Contemporary Society)

by Dr. Sagar Mal Jain

By making an offering of a coconut and one rupee,
the devotee is guaranteed success in an examination.
By establishing partnership with gods and goddesses
of merely one or two percent,
the votary obtains their sufferance
to exploit the society to his heart's content.

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Religion & Society:

The following article by the insightful writer Shri Surendra Bothra presents views of some undesirable aspects of the culture of consumerism and materialism.

Non-possessiveness: A Medicine For The Ailing Environment

by Shri Surendra Bothra

Modern economic theories, ironically, deem consumerism as an index of development. The more a country consumes, the more developed and civilized it is considered. This has turned the benign terms consume and consumer into the global devil of consumerism. The communications revolution has added fuel to the fire. Some activists are making a serious effort to tackle these problems. However, in many instances, instead of dealing with the root causes of the problem, they are treating the symptoms. Thus their efforts are misdirected and so they are adding fuel to the fire.

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Immortal Love Legend:

The Story Of Savitri And Satyavan

This is a story from the epic Mahabharat. The moral of the story is that one can beat all odds in life through true love and devotion. The story exemplifies the interplay of karmas and pseudo-karmas. The thoughts, gestures and actions of one individual serve as pseudo-karmas (instrumental cause, NIMITTA KAARAN) in modifying the fruition of karmas of another individual.

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From January 1986 Issue:

Life, Liberty And Pursuit Of Happiness In Jainism

by Duli Chandra Jain

Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are the fundamental rights of all human beings. According to Jainism, these are the fundamental rights of all living beings. Religion helps us define the kind of life, the kind of liberty and the kind of happiness. Further, religion guides us in our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Thus religion is the science of living.

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Observations & Views:

Please enjoy the articles presented in this column:

Science & Religion

Dr. Harish Chandra writes, "The founder of a religion (or his later followers) may have some selfish ulterior motives in misleading the God-fearing innocent people. Religions have caused maximum number of wars. Even today's 'hot spots' are due to religions."

* * * * * * *

Rationalism Versus Fundamentalism

Fundamentalists, on the other hand, adopt a one-sided view. They insist that their respective scriptures contain the absolute truth and that no other religious concepts need be studied.

* * * * * * *

Labyrinth Of Irrationalism

Hymns like the following were sung:

"God has blotted them out. God has blotted them out. My enemies mocked and scoffed at me. He blotted them out when he set me free. God has blotted them out. God has blotted them out."

* * * * * * *

Subtle Messages Versus The Soul Of Indian Culture

Mini Krishnan continues, "The training received by the virtual game kicks in and the phantom mentor in the game who instructed you to pick up a gun pushes its virtual 'get set Go!' call through the centre of your consciousness."

* * * * * * *

Two Sides Of A Coin

"'Too many children end up exercising only their thumbs and fingers these days. Weight issues are usually the first health problem parents of inactive children have to contend with,' says nutritionist Rekha Sharma .... She gets several young patients who are ready to do anything to lose weight, except give up their television and gaming time. ..."

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I highly appreciate your initiatives. ...

Navin S. Dedhia, San Jose, CA

Congratulations as Jain Study Circular enters 29th year. You have done an excellent service to the Jain Community for publishing and enlightening over the years. ... I have preserved most of the past issues and used them occasionally.

Sonal Shah, Portland, OR

The articles were great and good idea for people to go to the website and read - with so little time available these days - it is difficult to pick up a book and read - but easier to go to a website and browse!

Dr. Tushar Mehta, Toronto, Canada

Please inform me when new issues are posted. For years I have enjoyed your journal, though rarely do I get to read the whole thing. I admire and support your work. Is it true that you do not send out the paper journal anymore? Please let me know. I do think that an e-journal is a great idea.


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