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Quotations from scriptures:

Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA is a systematic and comprehensive presentation of the principles of Jainism. As the name implies, it is a brief treatise on TATTVAs - aspects of reality, which include living beings (JEEVs), non-living entities (AJEEVs), influx of karmic matter (AASHRAV), binding of karmic matter (BANDH), stoppage of karmic influx (SAMVAR), shedding of karmic matter (NIRJARA) and liberation (salvation MOKSHA).

Quotations From Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA

This aphorism (SUTRA 1-4) represents the sum and substance of Jain metaphysics. It states that there are two kinds of entities in the universe - living and non-living. Further, the interactions between these two entities take place according to the laws of nature - directed by their respective intrinsic attributes, and without the interference of any supernatural entity. In fact, there is no supernatural entity according to the Jain concept of reality.

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From Religious Books:

In the present article, the writer emphasizes that efforts to establish the superiority of one's religious, social, political or economic system have resulted in conflicts all over the world. Find out the solutions suggested by the scholarly writer.

Relevance Of Multiplicity Of Viewpoints In Modern Times

by Ramjee Singh

Hence at no period of human history was man more in need of a sound philosophy than today. As war begins in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defense of peace should be built. Today, if one person does not agree with me, he is wicked, if a country does not agree with my country, it is wicked as if there is no half-way, no neutrality. So ultimately, it is our warring ideologies that are at the root of world tension.

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"Persistent poverty, lack of opportunities for work with dignity, inequality, injustice and persecution can help explain the increasing occurrences of suicide bombers," says Devaki Jain.

Multiplicity of Viewpoints: A Rational Path to Peace

Heads of states, politicians and economists are engaged in resolving conflicts around the world through a combination of military might and charity in the form of economic assistance. Further, they look at various issues only from their own viewpoint - guided by their preconceived notions and selfish motives. They fail to see the issues from others' viewpoint and, consequently, they overlook the root causes of the problems.

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Followers of many religions claim that their religion is scientific. Jains are no exception. The Jain theory of karma is the foundation of Jain philosophy. Thus the present article is a fair assessment of scientific nature of Jainism.

How Karma Theory Relates To Modern Science

by Duli Chandra Jain

The karma theory is complex and thus it is one of the least understood concepts of Jainism. In its simplest form, it is stated : As you sow, so you reap. It is interpreted that karma rewards or punishes us for our past deeds. It is construed to imply that all wealthy and powerful people of the world did good deeds in the past and that is why they are what they are. It has been distorted to indicate that karma is powerful, even more powerful than soul, our future is predestined and whatever has to happen to our souls will happen. On the one hand, people are given the impression that one can avoid the consequences of undesirable karma by religious rituals such as prayers, special worships and charitable contributions. On the other hand, sometimes it is said that we should undergo sufferings that might be the consequences of past karma so that we will not have to suffer in the future. A careful study of the theory of karma as described in the Jain scriptures, performed with a scientific viewpoint, leads to the conclusion that the above concepts and interpretations are only partially true.

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Sum and substance of the Jain theory of karma:

Some implications of the Jain theory of karma

Further, the more intense the desire, the more durable and acute the demeritorious karma that are obtained. Even the desire for better life in the present or in the future is detrimental to spiritual progress.

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We Jains should review our customs and traditions in view of the observations made by the great philosopher, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

Observations Of A Visionary Philosopher

by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

The chief energies of thinking Indians should be thrown into the problems of how to disentangle the old faith from its temporary accretions, how to bring religion into line with the spirit of science, how to meet and interpret the claims of temperament and individuality, how to organize the divergent influences on the basis of ancient faith.

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It is hoped that our readers will enjoy the story from the Jain scriptures,

Stature of Renunciation


Based on 'JAIN ITIHAAS KI PRASIDDHA KATHAAEN' by Upadhyaya Amar Muni, published by Sanmati Jnaanpeeth, Agra, 1983

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and the thought-provoking concepts presented in the column

Observations & Views

Readers' Comments:

Bhavin & Manisha Shah, Mid Levels, Hong Kong

I run a study group for young children living in my part of Hong Kong and I have found the books published by the Jain Study Circle (Studies In Jainism: Primer, Reader 1 and Reader 2) to be extremely useful in running the study group.

From the Jain Study Circle:

Our Twenty-fourth Year

With this issue, the Jain Study Circular enters its twenty-fourth year. We thank our readers who greatly appreciate the quality of articles published in the Jain Study Circular. We express our sincere gratitude to the writers for their contributions. We are grateful to the reviewers, Dr. Manoj Dharamsi, Reston VA, Dr. Jyotiben Gandhi, Williston Park NY, Mr. Kushal Raj Jain, Sterling VA, Dr.Rajendra K. Jain, Saratoga CA, Mrs. Sunita Jain, Flushing NY, Dr. Trilok Chandra Jain, Sterling VA, Mr. Krishna K. Mehta, North Hills NY, Dr. Chandrakant P. Shah, Schaumburg IL, Mr. Pravin K. Shah, Raleigh NC, Mr. Vinay K. Vakani, Oradell NJ and Mrs. Chaula N. Vora, Manhasset NY for their valued judgment and cooperation. They are responsible for maintaining the standards of the Circular. Our readers and writers are requested to send articles for publication, and their comments and suggestions.

Jain Study Circle, Inc.

Report of Annual Meeting Held on May 5, 2002

The annual meeting of Jain Study Circle was held at Dr. Chaman Lal & Mrs. Usha Jain's residence in Flushing, NY on May 5, 2002. After Dr. Jayantilal Shah's and Mr. Vinay Vakani's opening remarks, the annual report and the account, audited by Mr. Krishna K. Mehta, C.P.A., for the period from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001, were presented. The account accepted at the meeting is shown below.

The Jain Study Circle is thankful to Mr. K. K. Mehta, CPA for auditing the accounts. The members present at the meeting expressed their sincere gratitude to the individuals who participate in editing and proofing the Jain Study Circular. They are: Mr. Vinay K. Vakani, Mrs. Sunita Jain, Dr. Ahamindra Jain, Mrs. Richa Jain, and, Sanjeev and Rajeev, sons of Mr. Krishna K. & Mrs. Chandra Mehta.

All members applauded the decision to offer 900 complimentary sets of the series 'Studies In Jainism' to Young Jains Of America on the occasion of their biennial convention.

At the end of the business meeting all members who were present enjoyed a discussion on 'What is SAMYAK DARSHAN (Rational Perception)'?

The meeting was adjourned with a vote of thanks to the host family.

Jain Study Circle, Inc.

Accounts Accepted at the Annual Meeting Held on May 5, 2002


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