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Published on the Auspicious Occasion of Bhagwaan Mahaveer's Twenty-six Hundredth Birth Anniversary

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Quotations from scriptures:

Ever wondered what is experiential (VYAVAHAAR) rational conduct!!

Quotations From SAMAN SUTTAM

Experiential Rational Conduct
Experiential Rational Conduct
Experiential rational conduct entails avoiding
unethical activities and adopting virtuous activities,
it consists of vows, conscientiousness and self-restraint;
this is the teaching of JIN - the omniscient victors.

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Guest Editorial:

Is organizing grand celebrations without critically examining the self and the 'soul' of the community an appropriate method of observing Bhagwaan Mahaveer's birth anniversary?

Celebration of Bhagwaan Mahaveer's Birth Anniversary

by Dr. Nemi Chand Jain

Before organizing any celebration, we should critically examine our individual, social, cultural and national life. We should look deeply inward and discern our individual shortcomings and offensive social customs and traditions. It is imperative that we eradicate these shameful attitudes, trends and practices.

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A Rational View:

Should our practice of nonviolence include proclaiming the superiority of our religion from lofty platforms? Or, is nonviolence something else?

Concept of Nonviolence in Jainism

by Dr. Saroj Kothari

Mahaveer propounded five virtues: nonviolence (AHIMSA), truth (SATYA), non-stealing (ACHAURYA), continence (chastity, BRAHMACHARYA) and non-possessiveness (APARIGRAH). Nonviolence implies consciousness free from attachment (love) and aversion (hatred). People's feelings are hurt by discrimination based on religion, race or social status. Thus it is violence.

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Some gems from past issues:

Here is the way to attain peace of mind and happiness in life.

Selections From Bhagvadgita

Being beyond attachment (likes) and aversion (dislikes), an individual has little interest in sensual pleasures. He/she has minimal desires and is not disturbed by external things. Such individual has control over self and attains a genuine happiness and peace of mind.

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Some gems from past issues:

Should we blindly follow the 'word' or use our faculty of reason?

Jainism: An Overview

by Rupal Kothari

Jainism has no beginning. It is eternal. Its fundamental principles are rational perception, open-mindedness, clear thinking and common sense. It teaches us to accept and practice only what seems to be logical on the basis of observation and experimentation. It does not require us to blindly follow what is written or preached. Jainism is not bound by a particular book, prophet, preacher, name or label. Thus, Jainism has existed ever since there have been rational thinking human beings.

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Some gems from past issues:

Before indulging in the traditional or newfangled rituals, should we reflect on the present state of affairs of the Jain society?

Are We Doing The Same Thing?

by Shri Ganesh Lalwani

Look at the Jain community in India. The grown-ups have abandoned the (true) religion, the scriptures, Bhagwaan Mahaveer and are indulging in religious rituals. The new generation, having no interest in the religious rituals and equating the rituals with religion, is becoming disenchanted with religion and is blindly copying the western culture.

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Observations & Views:

Please enjoy the enlightening and thought-provoking ideas.

Toward The Pristine Principles of The Jain System

The Jain Religion Center of Wisconsin has taken highly commendable concrete steps to safeguard the unique features of the Jain religion.

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Dark Shadows Of Materialism On Indians

Moneymaking is certainly a very sacred mantra there; perhaps more sacred than here, not because we don't care for it as much, but because we don't know the mantra as well. But it would be foolish to see it as the only thing in their lives.

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Readers' Comments:

Arun Jain, Jefferson City, MO

As usual, I am grateful to the Jain Study Circular for the insightful discussion on Jain scriptures, philosophy and values, and its practice as we continue to live in a western society.

Gulab Chand & Movan Kothari, Kansas City, MO

The Jain Study Circular was read by our kids when they were young. It is still read by them when they are full-fledged physicians. Please keep it coming.

Dilip M. Pasad, Henderson, KY

I read the Jain Study Circular regularly. I think it is the right size, not too long, not too short. The contents are excellent. Most articles are precise and cover important elements of Jainism.

Among the suggestions for improvement, I would like to see Shrimad Rajchandra's 'MOKSHMALA' and 'ATMASIDDHI SHASTRA' given as continuing series of articles. Also repeat articles on essence or fundamentals of Jainism from time to time to keep reminding the readers what Jainism is all about.

Pravin & Madhu Mehta, Clarksville, TN

Your team is doing an excellent service to the community by selecting various items that are thought provocative. "Befogging The Pristine Jainism" (Jain Study Circular, January 2001) presents facts about Hinduism and Jainism. Then it extends to the heart of Jainism - open-minded, rational, individualistic perception; can not be said any better. Selections from Saman Suttam on rational knowledge motivates to learn more. I can go on and on to show my happiness to read such good material.

We need more individuals to continue the Jain Study Circular without any expectations. May be some individuals can be trained for the purpose.

Many friends are sharing the responsibility of publishing/editing/proofreading the Jain Study Circular. All others who wish to help in this regard are welcome to prepare material for the various columns in the Jain Study Circular, write articles, and forward their comments and suggestions.

- D. C. J.

Mrs. Usha R. Jain (by e-mail), Flushing NY

Jain Study Circular is a great gift to improve our quality of life. I and my family are very grateful to all the people who bring out the very best and simple articles in the Jain Study Circular. We try to attend all the meetings of the Jain Study Circle. From my experience, I can say that the Circular and the meetings have given us such a good perspective of Jainism. We get good feelings in sharing/expressing our views and discussing without any fear or hesitation. Such an opportunity is not available at other places. This is one forum - the only forum. I hope more people would come to the meetings and experience it for themselves.

Dear Readers,

We greatly appreciate your interest in the Jain Study Circular.

- Directors of JSC

From the Jain Study Circle:

Jain Study Circle, Inc.

Report of Annual Meeting Held on April 29, 2001

The annual meeting of Jain Study Circle was held at Dr. Shailendra & Mrs. Raj Kumari Palvia's residence in Hicksville, NY on April 29, 2001. After Dr. Jayantilal Shah's and Mr. Vinay Vakani's opening remarks, the annual report and the account, audited by Mr. Krishna K. Mehta, C.P.A., for the period from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2000, were presented. The account accepted at the meeting is presented below.

Jain Study Circle, Inc.

Accounts Accepted at the Annual Meeting Held on April 29, 2001



Voluntary Contributions and



subsciptions to JSC

Book Sales








Total income










Postage and mailing



Office supplies





Total expenses





Balance Sheet


Balance on January 1



Balance on December 31



Annual Surplus (Deficit)



Mr. Anil Jain gave an update about the web site of the Jain Study Circle. Everybody expressed their appreciation of Mrs. Richa Jain, who maintains the web site. The members present at the meeting expressed their sincere gratitude to the individuals who participate in editing and proofing the Jain Study Circular. They are: Mr. Vinay K. Vakani, Mrs. Sunita Jain, Dr. Ahamindra Jain, Mrs. Richa Jain, and, Sanjeev and Rajeev, sons of Mr. Krishna K. & Mrs. Chandra Mehta.

A resolution was passed to offer complimentary sets of the series 'Studies In Jainism' to all members of Jain Study Circle and to all Jain centers in North America. It was agreed to charge US $5 per set or US $2 per book for postage and handling.

At the end of the business meeting all members who were present enjoyed a discussion about the 'Significance of Self-study (SWAADHYAAYA) in the Practice of Jain Religion'.

The meeting was adjourned with a vote of thanks to the host family.

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Quarterly Meeting Of The Jain Study Circle

Jain Study Circle holds quarterly meetings in the New York Metropolitan Area. The next quarterly meeting will be held on Sunday, August 5, 2001. The topic of discussion will be 'Significance of Self-study (SWAADHYAAYA) in the Practice of Jain Religion'.

Those who wish to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion of the principles of Jainism published in the Jain Study Circular should write to:

Jain Study Circle, 99-11 60 Avenue, #3D, Flushing NY 11368-4436

or call (201) 967-9344 or (718) 699-4653

or send us an e-mail at contactus@jainstudy.org


Complimentary Copies Of Studies In Jainism:

Primer, Reader 1 and Reader 2

The Jain Study Circle is offering complimentary copies of the series 'Studies In Jainism' to all individuals and institutions.

The charges for postage and handling are:

Set of Studies In Jainism: Primer, Reader 1 and Reader 2

US $5.00 per set

Studies In Jainism: Primer

US $2.00 per copy

Studies In Jainism:Reader 1

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Studies In Jainism: Reader 2

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The offer is valid till supplies last.

Please make a check payable to Jain Study Circle for the postage and handling charges and mail it with your complete address to:

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