Jain Study Circular
January-April 2002 Issue


A Jain Prayer

A Jain prayer in plain words that presents the basic tenets of Jainism

A Jain Prayer

May we understand the universal truth that
everything happens according to the laws of nature;
in the affairs of the universe, there is no hand of
superhuman being or supernatural phenomena;
our lives are shaped by our own thoughts and actions,
and by the animate and inanimate environment around us.

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Quotations from scriptures:

Ever wondered what is realistic (NISHCHAYA) rational conduct?

Quotations From SAMAN SUTTAM

Realistic Rational Conduct
One who is free from all possessions, internal as well as external,
focuses on the intrinsic attributes of perception and knowledge,
perceives and knows the self, unambiguously and with certainty,
enjoins rational conduct and is the master of one's own character.

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From Religious Books:

Is religion obsolete in view of the modern technological advances? Can religion help an individual in spite of the hatred and violence resulting from blind adherence to faith?

What Is Religion?

by Dr. Sagar Mal Jain

Today man needs mental peace and complete integration with his own personality and with his social environment. Can religion, in general, and Jainism, in particular, meet this need of our times? Yes, it can.

Religion, according to Jain thinkers, does not mean superstitions, dogmas and rituals. It has eternal concepts and values, which can meet the needs of the time.

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In many instances, it is noticed that some individuals observe fasts and perform worships, introspection and meditation. Still they do not have happiness and peace of mind because they do not inculcate virtuous conduct in their lives. Thus the practice of five virtues is extremely important for Jains.

Practice Of Five Virtues: Good For One - Good For All

by Anita and Arun Jain

The moral fabric of Jainism is based on nonviolence. Jainism considers nonviolence to be the most important virtue for an individual as well as society. Jains believe that, on a global scale, no good of an individual or society can be achieved through violence. In general, vices of falsehood, stealing, unchastity and possessiveness entail physical and mental violence of self and others. Thus the five vows essentially enable us to practice nonviolence. The vow of nonviolence is the first and foremost virtue.

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Here are a few concepts similar to Jainism:

Stoic Non-attachment

by Rajiv C. Shah

Thus the Stoic philosophy held that events in the external world were supremely rational. Every event happened for a reason, and the control of these events was beyond human capacity. Simple living through moderation and frugality is the key to happiness.

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Reprisal and retaliation can not lead to peace and harmony in society; forgiveness can.

Forgiveness (KSHAMA)

by Jayashri (Rukmini) K. Baphna

Forgiveness counters the passion of anger. Anger is an impure state of our being. It is utmost violence directed not only towards others but also towards self.

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Here is a youngster's view of Jainism:

Jainism: What It Means To Me

by Nidhi Jain

As you can see, Jainism affects me in many ways. The principles of Jainism have helped shape my character and my actions. What does Jainism mean to me? For me, it is a way of life.

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It is hoped that our readers will enjoy these articles:

Yoga According To Patanjali's Yoga Darshan

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Exercise And Relaxation

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Please enjoy the thought-provoking ideas presented in these columns:

Meeting of Minds:

Intelligent Questions: Some Answers

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Observations & Views:

A Global View of Violence

Celebration of Materialism

Ancient Indian Wisdom: Individualistic Religion

Some Special Features of Hinduism

Charity: A Casualty in Charitable Hospitals

Some Food for Thought

Readers' Comments:

An anonymous friend in WI

We have been reading your magazine as a family for the last 20 years and have always been very impressed and satisfied with the content. What has always especially impressed us is that, unlike the many other Jain magazines in the U.S. today, this magazine deals strictly with the tenets of the Jain religion and does not cater to personal egos by repeatedly publishing photos of various Jains with dignitaries or other sorts of personal propaganda. We wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Nemi Chand Jain in the July-August 2001 quarterly when he speaks out against the wave of gloss, glitter and extravagance that is slowly permeating and becoming part of Jain functions throughout the country. Our religion is one that stresses APARIGRAH and not materialism. It is sad that we as a community are moving away from this ideal in order to satisfy our collective need to flaunt our wealth. Not only do such practices harm us morally, but on a practical level, they bring us to prominence at a time when the country is experiencing a backlash against successful immigrant communities. Perhaps some of our glory-seeking Jain leaders should remember the age-old adage - the nails that sticks out gets the hammer.

Jyotsna Samji, London, U.K.

I have been circulating the 'Studies in Jainism' set I purchased from you at Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth in S. London. The teachers are finding the material very useful not only for the children but for their own personal development.

Smita & John D'Arcangelo, Getzville, NY

We enjoy reading the Jain Study Circular, and do not wish to miss an issue.

Rajiv Parihar, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Many thanks for the July-October issue of the Jain Study Circular.

From the Jain Study Circle:

Jain Study Circle, Inc.

Our Twenty-third Year

With this issue, the Jain Study Circular enters its twenty-third year. We thank our readers who greatly appreciate the quality of articles published in the Jain Study Circular. We express our sincere gratitude to the writers for their contributions. We are grateful to the reviewers, Dr. Manoj Dharamsi, Reston VA, Dr. Jyotiben Gandhi, Williston Park NY, Mr. Kushal Raj Jain, Sterling VA, Dr.Rajendra K. Jain, Saratoga CA, Mrs. Sunita Jain, Flushing NY, Dr. Trilok Chandra Jain, Sterling VA, Mr. Krishna K. Mehta, North Hills NY, Dr. Chandrakant P. Shah, Schaumburg IL, Mr. Pravin K. Shah, Raleigh NC, Mr. Vinay K. Vakani, Oradell NJ and Mrs. Chaula N. Vora, Manhasset NY for their valued judgment and cooperation. They are responsible for maintaining the standards of the Circular. Our readers and writers are requested to send articles for publication, and their comments and suggestions. Please follow the guidelines for writers published on page 20 of the January 1996 issue of the Jain Study Circular. These guidelines are also posted on our web site: jainstudy.org.

- Board of Directors

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