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Glimpses of the July-October 2007 Issue


Quotations from scriptures:

Selections from TATTVAARTH SUTRA

Enjoy the logical and systematic presentation of the sophisticated features of the Jain theory of karma presented by Acharya Umaswati in  TATTVAARTH SUTRA.

Selections From Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA

"An individual who is modest, who does not show off, who acknowledges the good qualities and conduct of others, and who does not defame others for their shortcomings and sincerely offers to help them overcome their weaknesses, earns considerable respect in society."

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From Religious Books:

The Jain religion emphasizes individual freedom - freedom from blind faith and dogma. However, freedom entails exceptional social responsibility.

 Mahaveer On Individual And Social Responsibility

by Dr. Kamal Chand Sogani

"Either the individual should stop thinking and resort to a sort of mental slavery or he should employ himself in the task of vigorous thinking. Mental slavery is the path of blind faith, but vigorous thinking is the path of an awakened mind."

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From Religious Books:

Shri Surendra Bothara has presented some provocative ideas in his article.

Jainism: Principles And Practice

by Surendra Bothara

"One of the most revolutionary and radical thinkers of all times, Mahaveer ... struck at the roots of blind faith, biased dogmas and authoritative absolutism with the open minded, bold and simple principle of multiplicity of viewpoints (ANEKAANTAVAAD/SYAADAVAAD)."

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Religion & Society:

The Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus demonstrated that a small loan could lift an individual out of poverty. Still, the world leaders, who profess religion and charity, continue to spend inordinate quantities of money and material on wars.

The Paradox Of Compassion And Nonviolence

by D. R. Mehta

" There are many international organizations as well that are equally concerned and are making significant contributions in arousing conscience as also directly alleviating human misery and suffering. But juxtaposed is the spread of violence at individual, national and international levels, on scales, which are unprecedented."

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Religion & Society:

A new vision for the Jain establishment is presented in the following article.

Past, Present And Future Of Jainism

by Duli Chandra Jain

Bhagwaan Mahaveer was a revolutionary. Mahaveer saw that the common people were being exploited by the religious establishment of his times. ...

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Observations & Views:

As usual, the column 'Observations & Views' contains some stimulating food for thought. A few examples are given below:

Some Famous Quotations About India

Max Mueller, German scholar:

If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India.

Jain Unity

During any religious celebration, it is our feelings and thoughts that are important. The time and procedure (VIDHI) of performing a prayer or worship have been prescribed only for the sake of uniformity and organization. They have little significance. Thus in the light of the spirit of the fundamental principles of Jainism, performing one type of worship is as good as another type of worship.

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Special Section:

The Jain scriptures present highly sophisticated and detailed concepts about matter and energy as is evident from the following article.

Matter And Energy According To The Jain Scriptures

by Duli Chandra Jain

" This principle of permanence of the Jain philosophy can be related to the law of indestructibility of matter of modern science as defined in the eighteenth century by the famous scientist Lavoisier in the following words: Nothing can be created and in every process there is just as much substance (quantity of matter) present before and after the process has taken place. There is only a change or modification of matter."

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