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Glimpses of the April-July 2004 Issue


Quotations from scriptures:

Selections from TATTVAARTH SUTRA

TATTVAARTH SUTRA is a brief treatise on TATTVAs - aspects of reality. In the process of discussing the aspects of reality, Acharya Umaswati presents the theory of karma and the path to salvation. In previous issues, rational perception and rational knowledge were explained. In this chapter, Acharya Umaswati begins the discussion of soul - the first and basic aspect of reality.

Quotations From Acharya Umaswati's TATTVAARTH SUTRA

All worldly souls have a mantle of karmic matter associated with them, while the liberated souls are free from karmic bondage. Through self-endeavor, a worldly being brings about transformations in the karmic matter in its possession. These transformations include subsidence - the state during which operation of certain karmic matter does not take place, destruction - elimination of certain karmic matter, destruction-cum-subsidence - the state during which elimination of certain karmas and subsidence of other karmas occurs, and operation - fruition of karmas.

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From Religious Books:

In this article, the illustrious Acharya, based on his insightful study and perceptive observation, provides some important guidance to Jain individuals and society.

Religion Devoid Of Spirituality Breeds Evil

by Acharya Shri Mahaprajna

One may mistakenly conceive that power and wealth are the ultimate goals of the domain of religion. The fact is that once power and wealth enter the domain of religion, they make it narrow and produce an aberration in our thinking. Once rituals become more important than proper conduct, religion recedes to the background, although it does not cease to exist.

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Bhagwaan Mahaveer in the Eyes of Scholars:

Here is a series of articles on Bhagwaan Mahaveer's life and teachings.

The Message of Mahaveer

by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

This country (India) has from the beginning of its history down till today stood for this great ideal. When you look at the symbols, statues, and other relics, which have come down to us from the time of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa down to our own day, we are reminded of the tradition that he who establishes the supremacy of spirit and its superiority to matter is the ideal man.

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Vardhamaan's Path To Salvation

by Manakchand Katariya

However, we have been consumed by the attainment of NIRVANA by Bhagwaan Mahaveer. We are shouting the slogans of his victory and we are not paying attention to his teachings. Bhagwaan Mahaveer taught every man to remain a man. His nonviolence is not a thing related to temple or worship or chanting.

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Bhagwaan Mahaveer's Unique Approach

by Acharya Hajari Prasad Dwivedi

In the first place, Mahaveer realized that mere words of a sermon are not efficacious in achieving the desired goal. Before uttering any words, it is imperative that the preacher exhibit impeccable conduct. His mind should be pure and his conduct should be exemplary.

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Bhagwaan Mahaveer In The Eyes Of A Poet

Shri Champa Lal Chordia, Jaipur, India

His life is venerable, estimable and worth imbibing in practice, but we remain imprisoned in the rituals of prayer and worship of him.

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The Jain code of conduct is designed with a view to foster physical and mental health of individuals and society. It is illuminating to see that modern scientific researches support some of the unique features of the Jain code of conduct.

Modern Scientific Concepts And
Four Unique Features Of The Jain Code Of Conduct

Alcohol has adverse cardiac effects on blood pressure, ventricular function, and incidence of atrial fibrillation. Many non-cardiac conditions and diseases, such as violence, accidents, liver and neurological disease, pancreatitis, and cancer are exacerbated by alcohol consumption. In younger individuals it includes accidents, violence, suicide, and fetal alcohol syndrome, and there is no data supporting the benefit of alcohol in this age group. In older individuals, liver and neurological diseases, pancreatitis, and cancer emerge as the major adverse effects. Acute alcohol ingestion is associated with decreased left ventricular function and pro-arrhythmic effects, most notably paroxysmal atrial fibrillation ("holiday heart syndrome"). Alcohol increases triglycerides. {"Alcohol, Heart Disease, and Mortality: A Review," Robert A. Vogel, MD, FACC, Division of Cardiology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, Reviews In Cardiovascular Medicine, Vol. 3, No. 1 - 2002}

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True Stories:

Our readers are expected to enjoy these delightful moral stories.

Following In The Footsteps of Bhagwaan Mahaveer

by Mahatma Bhagwaan Din

Bhagwaan Mahaveer And Bhagwaan Ram

by Ayodhya Prasad Goyaliya

A Poet And A Burglar

by Yash Pal Jain

From A Young Writer's Pen:

The present article is a beautiful illustration of the dedication of a young Jain to vegetarianism.

Being Vegetarian In U.S.A.

by Raj Mehta

When we go to India, our grandparents are so proud of the fact that although we are away from home, we are still vegetarian. Their pride and joy at our being vegetarians gives me more of a push to continue being vegetarian.

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Religion & Society:

From One Mahaveer Jayanti To The Next Mahaveer Jayanti

by Suresh Saral

When will our scholars join each other on a common platform? Why do our monks reject the concept of unity? Where monks want to dominate their superiors, where monks dance to the tunes of the donors, where loudspeakers, media and decorations are funded through black money (earned through unscrupulous means), under such circumstances, how can we discern any meaningful way to celebrate Mahaveer Jayanti?

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It is expected that our readers will appreciate the tender feelings of parents and youngsters depicted in

Two Poems

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Observations & Views:

As usual, some thought-provoking reflections have been presented in this column.

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Readers' Comments:

Gulab Chand & Movan Kothari, Kansas City, MO

We love the contents (of the Jain Study Circular), which are straightforward and unbiased. Jain Study Circular has not deviated from this simple rule from the very beginning. It has put a stamp on its readers and gained their trust.

Braj B. & Chander K. Jain, Wheaton, IL

It is very heartening to see that the Jain Study Circle with its quarterly publication (of Jain Study Circular) is kept alive, along with giving good food for the thinking minds of our youth.

Champa Lal Chordia, Jaipur, India

I was happy to see the January 2004 issue of the Jain Study Circular and was surprised to notice that it has been in publication for twenty-five years. I was extremely delighted to study the insightful articles based on the scriptures written by estimable ancient sages such as Acharya Umaswati and Acharya Kundkund. The three moral stories are interesting and instructive.

Dear Readers, we greatly appreciate your comments and your interest in the Jain Study Circular.

- Board of Directors

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- Board of Directors

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