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Glimpses of the January 1999 Issue

Quotations from scriptures:

What is genuine devotion? Is it prayers and worship or is it more than that? Study Acharya Kundkund's scholarly views.

Quotations From Acharya Kundkund's Niyamasaar:
Genuine Devotion

A householder or a monk, who is devoted to
rational perception, knowledge and conduct,
has true devotion that leads to liberation;
this is the precept of JIN, the victor.

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A scholarly presentation of Acharya Kundkund's contribution to Indian thought:

Acharya Kundkund's Insightful Contribution
by Late Dr. Lal Bahadur Shastri

In this manner, Acharya Kundkund raised his voice against both kinds of undesirable conduct. He denounced those naked monks whose knowledge and conduct did not conform to the teachings of JIN as well as those monks who wore clothes and who indulged in irrational and deluding conduct.

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An article from the second issue of Jain Study Circular presenting an overview of Jainism:

Jainism At A Glance
by Mrs. Sushila Singhvi

It should be emphasized that these differences (between various Jain groups) are minor and of no consequence during the present times. The doctrine followed by all Jains is identical. All Jains believe in the same basic principles and worship the twenty-four TEERTHANKARs.

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Do you wonder what some of the unique features of Jainism are?

Jain Religion: It's Unique Features

We do not become followers of the Jain religion just by praying to Mahaveer and SIDDHAs for favor instead of worshiping Krishna or Christ or Allah. Our practice of Jainism should not end with reading TATTVAARTH SUTRA and KALPASUTRA instead of the Bible or Gita. We do not become a Jain merely by reciting NAMOKAAR MANTRA instead of some other mantra.

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A Story:

How does Jainism address the violence and materialism that seem to be norms of modern society?

Jainism: As I See It
by Shri Yash Pal Jain

What physical force did Mahaveer or Gandhi have? They had a body which was full of tremendous spiritual power, far superior to any physical power. Jainism had always been a religion of the warriors &endash; warriors who had the courage to die rather than kill, and you know, killing is easier than dying.

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Religion & Society:

Is it sufficient to just work for a good cause or does genuine charity entail more?

Charity: A Word To The Donors
by Duli Chandra Jain

Scriptures teach us that we have to be discreet and scrupulous. We have to find ways of establishing and maintaining our temples and institutions without violating the spirit of our religion. In this respect, we may have to discount the leadership and advice of individuals whose business is to capture limelight by devising schemes and projects for collecting money for various 'good causes' and who show little regard for the unique features of Jain philosophy.

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Excerpts From Studies In Jainism:

Karma theory, rituals and spiritual progress"

Excerpts From Studies In Jainism: Reader 2

Since the influx, bonding, transformations and fruition of karma depend on our thoughts and feelings, mere physical activities are not sufficient for spiritual progress. A religious activity such as prayer, worship or fasting performed without proper thoughts and understanding has no real significance. The true practice of religion consists in having good feelings and pure thoughts. Jainism teaches that conduct without rational perception and rational knowledge is not rational or proper.

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Readers' Comments:

Fakirchand J. Dalal, Lanham MD

October 1998 issue of Jain Study Circular is of special interest to a person like me. The two articles, 'Jain Worship: A Critical View' and 'Religion, Religious Rituals and Society' are not only timely but also eye openers. They inspire us to search our souls. The direction that a scientific and logical religion like Jainism has taken lately needs serious rethinking.

Dear Readers,

We greatly appreciate your interest in the Jain Study Circular.

- Directors of JSC

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