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Quotations from scriptures:

The code of conduct prescribed in Jainism is based on our concept of soul and its relationship with the other entities of the universe. The quotations from UTTARAADHYAYAN SUTRA, presented in this article, enunciate this truth.

Concept Of Soul In Jain Scriptures


One should fight one's inner enemies - passions,
attachment, aversion, desires and the like.
What is the purpose of fighting the external enemies?
Conquering the self through self-reliance leads to happiness.

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From Religious Books:

Enjoy a highly sophisticated view of the Jain theory of karma in this article by an eminent Jain scholar.

Interactions Between Soul And Karma

by Dr. Nathmal Tatia

The influx and bondage (of karma) entail some power or potency (VEERYA) on the part of the soul. Yoga is nothing but an imperfect expression of this potency. The various states and processes of karma are due to this potency of the soul. The nature of potency is, in turn, determined by the nature of dispositions of the soul. A soul, at any instant of its worldly existence, is an integrated whole of the dispositions, actual and potential. The infinite potency which is inherent in the soul finds only an imperfect and partial expression, which is responsible for accretion of karmic matter on the soul.

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From Religious Books:

One of the greatest Jain scholars of the twentieth century, Pandit Phool Chandra Siddhantacharya, presents some very novel ideas about nonviolence, which conform to our scriptures.

Violence: In All Aspects

by Pandit Phool Chandra Siddhantacharya

In Jain scriptures, violence has been equated to defilement (VIKAAR) of self. Our defilements obscure the qualities of our souls and bring about our spiritual downfall. Sometimes, these aberrations remain buried inside. At times they transpire and manifest their effects. To become angry at someone, to be bent on hurting someone, to abuse or insult someone, to make false accusations, to acquire means to perform undesirable deeds, and the like, are external defilements. Renouncing spiritual progress or the means to spiritual progress and having feelings of attachment and aversion constitute internal defilements. Both kinds of defilements have an undesirable impact on the attributes of soul and so they constitute violence.

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Meeting of Minds:

The present article attempts to deal with a few intelligent and insightful questions.

Questions And Observations About Jainism

by Dr. Ashok K. Jain, Corpus Christi, TX & Duli Chandra Jain

There is a large variety of living beings in this world. They possess different karmas. They have different potentials and capabilities. Therefore, an individual, who is in pursuit of uplift of self, should not indulge in debates or arguments with others belonging to the same religious group or to a different group.

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From October 1987 Issue:

On the auspicious occasion of Mahaveer Jayanti, the present article appropriately describes the contributions of the Jain religion and philosophy to humanity at large.

Bhagwaan Mahaveer's Teachings

by Nimisha Parekh

More material wealth and possessions do not make us happy. All they can provide is more comforts which, in turn, are likely to lead us to the path of committing some undesirable acts. Worldly wealth creates attachments which result in greed, jealousy, selfishness, ego and violence.

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From October 1987 Issue:

This article makes a serious attempt to challenge the Jain community, which, to some extent, is preoccupied in a variety of meaningless traditions and practices.

Jain Society: Some Discrepancies Between Principles And Practice

by Seema Singhvi Jain

We, the householders, are expected to partially practice non-possessiveness. We must however work to support our families. But must we worship goddess Lakshmi on DIWALI (the festival of lights)? Earning money for the welfare of one's family is necessary but does it justify having limitless desires and greed? Even our religious institutions are seen to exhibit greed for money and adopt some undesirable tactics.

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Our Heritage:

It is hoped that our readers will study these facts about India with interest.

Some Facts About India

Although modern images of India show poverty and underdevelopment, it was the richest country on earth until the arrival of the British. Christopher Columbus was attracted by India's wealth.

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Religion & Society:

Please keep in mind the Jain teachings of non-possessiveness and relativism while reading this article.

Price of Progress

Adults are no longer teaching children how to be human, and children are no longer learning how to be human from real people who care about them.

Even if your family is a very good family, when you walk out the door you walk into a world that is not constructive.

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A Moral Story:

This moral story presents a vivid example of true victory in life, which brings genuine happiness and peace of mind.

Universal Victor
An Incident From The Life Of Bhagwaan Mahaveer

by Shri Yash Pal Jain

Bhagwaan Mahaveer said, "The wheel of religion is in front of me. My austere conduct provides safeguards for all living beings. My aspiration is the seed of religion, which comes to fruition the moment it is sown."

The enigma in Pushya's mind was cleared up. Pushya was exhilarated to realize that he who conquers his inner enemies is a genuine universal victor (JIN).

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Observations & Views:

It is hoped that our readers will find the following items of the column 'Observations & Views' enlightening and thought-provoking:

Indian Culture And Religion by Mahatma Gandhi

A Bold Affirmation Of An Untruth by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

A Lesson From The History Of Mankind

Bhagwaan Mahaveer's Teachings: Need Of The Hour

Is This A Way To Teach Jainism?

Readers' Comments:

Dr. Ashok K. Jain, Corpus Christi, TX

My family and I are very fortunate to have the opportunity to read the Jain Study Circular. Though brought up in a religious Jain family in India, irrational ritualism had diluted my concepts of religion. The Jain Study Circular has enabled me to understand the concepts of Jainism better.

Ripple Shah (via e-mail)

I can't say I'm a religious person and I can't say I'm a wise person, but after reading the article 'Nonviolence And War' (Excerpts from Dr. S. Radhakrishnan's book 'Religion And Society' from October 1999 issue of JSC) on the website, I felt like the time I took in reading these excerpts was well spent. It was very intellectually written, but more than that it was very wisely written.

Rajeev Suresh Shah, New York NY

I grew up reading many of your articles in the green books (Jain Study Circular) in St. Louis. It has made a positive impact on me. Jain Study Circular is very educational in teaching people about the virtues of Jainism. It provides a great service to the Jains in the US in understanding their religion and culture.

Dear Readers,

We greatly appreciate your interest in the Jain Study Circular.

- Directors of JSC

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